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NT$1,000,000 Scholarship to NIU Students

The 1st Dean of College of Bioresources NIU, also is the Professor Emeritus at National Taiwan University(NTU), Dr. Ta-Hsiu Liao donated NT$1,000,000 as the scholarship for NIU students who are in need.

Prof. Liao was the 1st Dean of College of Bioresources NIU during 2003~2006. After completing his tenure of office, Prof. Liao returned to NTU and retired in 2008. Even he has left NIU for over 10 years, yet he continued to care about the welfare of NIU students. By the introduction of NIU Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Wei-Jung Chen, Prof. Liao finally fulfill his wish to support NIU students.

This NT$1,000,000 scholarship will be named after Prof. Liao’s mother in memory of her hard-working bringing up 12 children by herself alone. Although Mrs. Liao did not take any formal education, yet many of her children have become Medical Doctors or University Professors. Prof. Liao wishes this scholarship can provide necessary aid for students in financial difficulty and encourage them to study hard. NIU President Dr. Po-Ching Wu, Secretary General Dr. Chung-Chun Wu, Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Wei-Jung Chen and Alumni Service Office Director Dr. Yun-Chueh Lin represent NIU to accept this meaningful donation.





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