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Chair Professor Chunming Huang said “Glad that NIU takes the responsibility of Yilan local concern..

On 9th February morning, NIU President Dr. Po-Ching WU led faculties with Vice President Dr. Huai-Tsu HU to pay a New Year call on Master Chunming Huang at his home, and presented him the renewed certificate of appointment for chair professor. Besides thanked President Wu's great kindness, Master Huang talked about the particular importance of literature for people to find the warmth of humanity. Master Huang, who has won several prestigious awards including National Award of Arts, Wu San-Lien Literary Award, China Times Literary Award, TECO Award, Kavalan Award, Yilan Culture Award and Nation Cultural Award of ROC, still keeps on creating.

Master Huang said that it was common to see the elders telling tales to children under trees. All kids concentrated their attention on the story-telling which spread the spirit of filial piety, loyalty and righteousness. When we lose these local experiences, not only the precious cultural property flows out, but we lose the human sentiment.“If children nowadays do not nurture minds through literature but stare at mobile screens all the time, they will not that dexterous and agile in action and be seldom touched by real life.”said by Master Huang. He is glad that National Ilan University takes the responsibility of Yilan local concern and hopes to have more interaction with NIU students.

President Wu said“Master Huang is the symbol of Yilan culture. It is our great honor to have Master Huang as chair professor teaching our students.”





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