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Luodong Forest District Office Cooperates with NIU on forest protection

Forestry Bureau held a press conference to recruit patrolling volunteers. The Bureau also offered information regarding high-risk illegal logging areas of national forests distributing in seven counties for the first time. The areas include Taipingshan in Datong Township and Nanau mountain areas in Nanau Township.

The Bureau have collaborated with 20 indigenous tribes and communities, solving 37 reported illegal logging cases. Now the bureau expands the collaboration with society and firstly recruit mountaineering clubs of five universities including NIU, TCU, NCHU, NCYU and NCKU.

Luodong Forest District Office collaborates with NIU mountaineering club for the first time. The Office provides routes to club members who can take the opportunities when they go to the mountains and keep their eyes open for any illicit signs. The duty of club members is to use GPS to pinpoint their locations and provide the Office the information of suspect places, so that there will not be any confrontation between students and illegal loggers.






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