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UDN News Report: Hot Pizza, Warm Hearts – NIU Student Sends Love to Social Welfare Organizations

Mr. Sheng-Hsiang Lin, a sophomore of the Department of Horticulture NIU, driving a van to serve hot kiln-baked pizza made on site to children’s homes in Yilan, cheering the children up. Mr. Sheng-Hsiang had no idea about doing charity until he got some unmarketable dough for pizza the day before Chinese New Year’s Eve. “Things are beginning from the remaining dough.” said by Mr. Sheng-Hsiang with smile. To serve chewy pizza for customers, Mr. Sheng-Hsiang usually makes enough amount of handmade dough for one day in advance. However, at the day before Chinses New Year, Mr. Sheng-Hsiang got some remaining dough. It was a waste to throw it away, so Mr. Sheng-Hsiang asked on the internet that if there was any charity organization need it. Obtained the consent of Singfu Children’s home, Mr. Sheng-Hsiang arrived the house and provide the children with hot delicious pizza. The children felt surprised and appreciated him so much. Their grateful looks and delighted faces impressed Mr. Sheng-Hsiang, making him want to devote himself to do charity. Mr. Sheng-Hsiang then promoted the activity of “Buy one send one to children’s home” and set a goal of sending 300 pieces of pizza, which touched his family who used to disapprove of the pizza business. He achieved the goal with family’s support, helping 5 social welfare organizations in Yilan, and he will keep on doing good.

(Photos from Mr. Sheng-Hsiang Lin)





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