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NIU Alumni Selected Excellent Entrepreneurial Team Out of 158 Teams

Youth Development Administration of Ministry of Education develops a project called U-Start, aiming to help young people who graduated from universities for less than 5 years to use their creativity and exert their expertise to start their business, arousing their passion toward startup to put their dreams into practice.

BASe pet health management team, which won the funding of U-start project, is consisting of Ms. Ping-Hui Lu, Ms. Tzu-Yun Kang, Mr. Li-Chi Kuo who graduated from the Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science NIU last year, and Mr. Wei-Hsuan Tsai a student of the Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering NIU. Mentored by Chairman Prof. Yung-Hsiang Cheng, Prof. Yu-Hsiang Yu and Prof. Yi-Chuan Lee from the Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science, Prof. Hsi-Neng Lo and Prof. Chun-Ju Huang from the Department of Food Science, Chairman Prof. Huang-Cheng Wang and Prof. Chieh-Jen Chang from the Department of Electronic Engineering, the team was selected among 158 teams from nationwide and won the grant in the first phase of the project. They established BASe pet food company and successfully launched their products chicken functional sticks for adult cats and dogs. In the meanwhile they stationed in the Innovation Incubation Center NIU, with assistance from IIC staff, consultants Ms. Yu-Chieh Cheng and Mr. Tien-Yo Pai and encouragement from NIU faculty and staff, moreover, coached by Prof. Chih-Liang Kuan and Prof. Tsui-Yen Chiang from the Department of Applied Economics and Management, the team took it up a notch and won the funding for entrepreneurs amidst intense competition in the second phase of the project.

BASe pet food company is abbreviated from the Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science with an “e” stands for “Yilan”. These new graduates devoted to pet food research and development, using Taiwan traceable agricultural products or organic ingredients accredited by TAF. Like the pureness of the clean land Yilan, they works toward producing quality pollution-free pet food, moving forward to the goal of producing Best And Safe food in e-land!





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