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NIU co-organized “Yilan Popular Science Day” Primary and High School Science Fair

Center for Nanotechnology NIU and Yilan County Government co-organized “Yilan Popular Science Day” primary and high school science fair, held on April 22 to 23 at the gym of Yilan Sports Park. Yilan Popular Science Day project is led by principal investigator Prof. Hui-Huang Chen and Prof. I-Pei Yang, training NIU students to be seed teachers and design technology and popular science promotion activities for primary students and the public. The seed teachers and elementary school teachers assisted senior grades primary students to set up different games for Yilan students and citizens to know science knowledge through playing and doing experiments. The fair also invited three Yilan senior high and vocational high schools to display the entries of northern district science fair and the results of digital media course, sharing the condition of their science education promotion, promoting the exchange of science education between primary, junior, senior, vocational high schools and university in Yilan County.





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