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  College of Humanities and Management


The College of Humanities and Management was established in 2003, with two departments and one center: Foreign Languages and Literature, Economics, and General Education. In 2004, the Department of Economics was renamed the Department of Applied Economics, which added a graduate program in 2006 and then repositioned itself as the Department of Applied Economics and Management. The Graduate Institute of Management was founded in 2004, which was merged into the Department of Applied Economics and Management in 2011. The General Education Center was renamed the Humanities and Science Education Center in 2006, The Language Center was founded in 2007, Two centers were regulated by General Education Council in 2012. The Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion was founded in 2012. EMBA program in college of Humanities and Management was founded in 2013. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature added a graduate program in 2014. As of today, the college has three undergraduate programs, two graduate programs and one EMBA program.


Educational Objectives
This College aims at educating students to be professional with concerns for humanity causes, with language proficiency and industry management knowledge to succeed in the globalized world, and cultivating students to become a modern citizens with cultural innovation and creativity abilities in life.


Core Competencies
To realize our objectives, we seek to help students achieve the following the core competences:

  1. Ability in advanced language use, professional language ability, and a second foreign language. 
  2. Ability in logical analysis and management, 
  3. Ability in innovative thinking, problem solving and team work.
  4. Ability to read and to appreciate literary works, to be concerns with multiculturalism, the environment and aesthetic, and to take social responsibility as global citizens. 




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