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Academic Affairs


Academic Affairs
  • In charge of all academic affairs service.
  • Development and improvement of all academic affairs.
  • Assisting with the design of information system for the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Maintenance the webpage of the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Maintenance management systems relating to transcript and other academic achievements.
  • Assisting with providing statistics for data about entrance scores and related records.

Registry and Curriculum Division

  • In charge of all registration service.
  • Managing the application for study suspension, enrollment preservation, reinstatement and related applications.
  • Managing the application for minor and double major studies.
  • Managing the application for credits transfer.
  • In charge of the publication and notification of academic records.
  • Examining the grades of graduating students.
  • Managing the application for departmental transfer.
  • Issuing transcripts, certificates and diplomas.
  • Issuing and reissuing student ID cards.
  • In charge of all curriculum service.
  • Management of curricular committee.
  • Curriculum arrangement.
  • Course selection.
  • Summer school course arrangement.
  • Faculty hourly wages assessment.
  • Part-time faculty hourly wages assessment.
  • Curriculum administration.
  • Master degree, school transferred and mid & final exams management.
  • Classroom administration.

General Affairs Division

  • In charge of all general affairs service.
  • Editing undergraduate and graduate admissions advertisements.
  • Editing school profile and enrollment advertisements.
  • Managing various entrance examinations.
  • Managing the application for overseas students.
  • Controlling the quotas of the undergraduate students, graduate students, and handicapped students.
  • In charge of all recruitment and admission affairs.

Continuing and Extension Education Division

  • Registration:student enrollment and registration,course exemption and grading management.
  • Courses arrangement.
  • Continuing education and professional development meeting.
  • Administratoin of continuing education program. 



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