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General Affairs


Construction and Maintenance Division

  • Construction and Maintenance Division
  • Administrating the major construction of campus buildings.
  • Administrating the general construction of campus buildings.
  • Supporting the maintenance of campus buildings.

Property Management Division

  • Property management.
  • Possession management.
  • Land and residence Management.
  • Allocation and management of staff residence on campus.

Cashier Division

  • The management of cash, bills, incomes, expenses, revenue and expenditure account management.
  • Revenue/expenditure services and invoice management.
  • Wage payment (deduction) services, personal property and income tax deduction services.
  • Tuition fee, miscellaneous fee, campus residence fee collection services.

Documentation Division

  • Supervising the Documentation Division.
  • Receiving and dispatching official documents.
  • Managing official seals and Archive management.
  • Processing mails and packages.

General Service Division

  • Cleaning Campus environment ; Cleaning Toilet ; Waste/garbage sorting and recycling ; Greening and beautification of Campus environment.
  • Vehicles dispatch ; Campus traffic and Parking lot management and fees collection.
  • Laborer health insurance ; Telephone fees business,; Personnel management of common labor.
  • Campus Security ; Site loans and management.
  • Procurements (including documents related to bidding, public announcement on the web, bidding records, close-bid announcements and notifications, creation of contracts and related auditing, establishing contracts, authorizing and issuing inspection checklists, fund application settlements and other related processes).
  • Procurements abroad(including fund application, settlement, drafting and insurance,applications for tax-exemption orders, picking up imported goods at the customs)
  • Management of the electronic ordering affairs for SUCON system.



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