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The Liberal Arts Center was founded on 1 August 2014. The core tasks of the organization are to plan the General Education Curricula and to promote various learning activities for General Education, such as lectures for general education, arts salon activities and artists in school projects, etc. Liberal Arts Education aims to provide students with a broad knowledge of various areas other than their fields of specialization, thus allowing them to experience integrated learning between multiple disciplines and gain the ability to think critically.

Liberal Arts Education comes with a long history: In Western civilization, it can trace its roots back to Medieval Times and the Seven Liberal Arts tradition; in the East, this education tradition can be traced back to the Six Arts Education and Confucian Education in ancient China. Though the West and the East have their separate emphases on Liberal Arts Education, they do, however, share the same goal of holistic education. 

The general elective courses at National Ilan University cover three major areas, namely: Culture and Art; Social Science; and Natural Science. Apart from students’ own major areas of study, it is hoped that the courses can nurture students with diverse knowledge and provide them with cross-disciplinary interactions. This will prepare them for their future careers, develop their compassion for people in society, and cultivate their aesthetic sensitivities to the arts.