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The newly established College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at National Ilan University was permitted by the Ministry of Education in October 2005. The college’s rudimentary composition comprises the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Electronic Engineering, and the Institute of Computer Engineering and Information Science. Later in 2007, the college of EECS won approval for the establishment of a Bachelor Program. In 2010, the college founded both the Executive Master Program and the Executive Master Program for "Multimedia Network Communications Digital Learning.”

While developing the blueprints drawn by the university and college, each department forges ahead as a leading practitioner of the higher qualities of teaching and research. The Department of Electrical Engineering provides courses on electricity conversion, control engineering and computer engineering. More emphases are placed on power electronics, motor-driven techniques, and computer and control engineering. The Department of Electronic Engineering features the essentials of 3C (Computer, communications and consumer electronics) in the field of electrical and computer engineering. Its development is focused on three areas, namely: computer networks, communications & signal processing, and computer-aided design of integrated circuits.The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering focuses on two research directions: “digital multimedia” and “multimedia network”.

At present, the domestic electrical engineering and computer science relevant fields are still rising and flourishing. The demanding for Hi-Tech professionals is also increasing. So the goal and self-expectation of our college shall be to carry on close industrial/academic/research cooperation with legal person organizations or those science and technology companies in the Science Park 's Yilan base – a Communication and Knowledge Service Park set by National Science Council. It is also our goal and expectation that our outstanding graduates be well-trained through their studies and be able to enter the graduate school of those leading universities or serve important roles in large electrical machinery and well-known technology companies.

Educational Objectives

The College of EECS adheres to the University motto "study diligently, work energetically, devote professionally, and enjoy gregariously.”  We stand firmly upon a trio of esteemed educational objectives:

1. To train students with the skills of professional knowledge and lifelong learning.

2. To nurture students with the capability of field integration and team work.

3. To cultivate students with the general capacity of global perspectives and social care.