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About the College 

    The College of Engineering of NIU was founded in the Academic Year of 2003 when National I-Lan Institute of Technology was promoted to be National I-Lan University. The College is composed of Department of Civil Engineering (DCE), Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME), Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering (DCME), Department of Environmental Engineering (DEE), Department of Electronic Engineering (DErE), Department of Electrical Engineering (DElE) and Graduate Institute of Architecture (GIA). 
    When Graduate Institute of Information Engineering (GIIE) was spinned off the College in the Academic Year of 2006, it combined with DErE and DElE to form College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Meanwhile, GIIE and DME were re-entitled to be Graduated Institute of Architecture and Sustainable Planning (GIASP) and Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering (DMEME). At the present time, the college of Engineering owns four departments and a Graduate Institute: DCE, DMEME, DCME, DEE and GIASP. 
    In addition, the College also offers Disaster Prevention Science and Technology, Living Environment and Leisure Space, Green Technology and Nanotechnology four Interactive Programs to provide myriads of learning content for students’ needs. In addition, the College also supports excellent study environment in basic science and professional engineering to cultivate professional resources for technology development in industry nowadays. That is, students can grasp not only appropriate knowledge in professional fields, but also related programs for interactive studies. Now, all of four departments and a graduate institute offer graduate programs for Master programs for incubation of professionals in industrial needs.  Moreover, all departments provide precision instruments and laboratory apparatus to conduct research in associated fields. Plus, the college also assists NIU to establish “Sustainable Development Center” in order to carry out studies in disaster prevention science and technology and sustainable development.  Moreover, “Green-Techology Research Center” was founded to ripen studies for renewable energy and green environment for Taiwan’s needs.