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The Graduate Institute for Architecture and Sustainable Development

Ilan University


With focus on development needs in Ilan and Eastern Taiwan, our research institute is unique in its approach to architecture and planning: with its smaller classes, its training with care for the environment and its people, and its faculty - with expertise in advanced building, environmental planning, and design.


The Institute offers three general areas of study: Sustainable Architecture, Sustainable Landscape and Environmental Security. Students are also encouraged to personalize their research and program as per their interests, aptitude and ongoing discovery.


Sustainability issues are examined and discussed at all levels. Geographically, from local to international. Architecturally, from theory and planning to construction and post-occupancy. Socially from basic needs to leisure and recreation. Ecologically, from micro-habitats to urban environments. Culturally, from recognition to celebration. And operationally, from management and maintenance to disaster prevention and mitigation.


It is our aim, that the pedagogic and research efforts of the institute serve as a communication platform that assists in enabling regional government and industry achieve a more,completely sustainable living environment.