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Sustainable Architecture

As limited land resources and environmental challenges are major issues in Taiwan, it is important for us to stay current with the all the issues concerning global sustainability. This program teaches the theory and art of sustainability and gives knowledge of construction technologies while stressing the practical application of research and evaluation, cultivating in students a perspective which is both creative and professional .

Elective courses

Sustainable Architecture Theory and Assessment System

Building Environmental Control System

Green Materials

Thermal in Built Environment

Healthy Architecture

Acoustics in Built Environment

Lighting in Built Environment

Healthcare Architecture

Research on Yilan Architecture

Community Planning and Design

Building Information System

Facility Management

Open Space Theory and Design

Architectural Quality Management

Architectural Project Management

Environmental Planning and Design Theory

Architectural Planning

Space and Society

Environmental Behavior and Design

Architectural  Design Ⅰ

Environmental Planning and Design Ⅰ

Architectural  Design Ⅱ

Environmental Planning and Design Ⅱ

Sustainable Landscape

Ilan county is a naturally beautiful and picturesque region with many resource advantages. Its beauty attracts many admirers and it is for this that Ilan has become a favorite destination for people to visit or settle down. It is with care that people must be integrated into this pristine setting. Our institute has experience in addressing this challenge and works towards methods that bring stability to the delicate balance needed between human activity (tourism, recreation, culture, building, resource use) and the environment.

Elective courses

Sustainable Landscape Planning

History of Landscape Architecture

Sustainable Landscape Technology

Environmental Arts

Green Plan

Planning of Landscape and Recreation Area

Creative City and Cultural Landscape

Ecological Policy Analysis

Ecological Engineering


Planning of Leisure and Recreation

Leisure Industry Policy and Assessment

Rural Community Planning

Leisure Industry Management

Local Industry Analysis

Environmental Landscape Design

Environmental education Planning theory and practice

The Planning of B&B

Public Art


Environmental Security

Taiwan has endured a variety of disasters, both natural and man-made, giving great cause for better hazard assessment and control measures. The Institute will provide graduates with the most up-to-date information that is relevant to assessment, prevention, mitigation and management of environmental disaster.

Elective courses

Architectural Structural System

Fire Safety Planning

Disaster Prevention Organization and Strategies

Flood Disaster Assessment

Slope Disaster Assessment

Seismic Risk Assessment

Urban and Community Disaster Prevention

Environmental Risk Management

Environmental Restoration

Site Planning