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Academic Affairs

  1. In charge of all academic affairs service.
  2. Development and improvement of all academic affairs.
  3. Assisting with the design of information system for the Office of Academic Affairs.
  4. Maintenance the webpage of the Office of Academic Affairs.
  5. Maintenance management systems relating to transcript and other academic achievements.
  6. Assisting with providing statistics for data about entrance scores and related records.

Registry and Curriculum Division

  1. In charge of all registration service.
  2. Managing the application for study suspension, enrollment preservation, reinstatement and related applications.
  3. Managing the application for minor and double major studies.
  4. Managing the application for credits transfer.
  5. In charge of the publication and notification of academic records.
  6. Examining the grades of graduating students.
  7. Managing the application for departmental transfer.
  8. Issuing transcripts, certificates and diplomas.
  9. Issuing and reissuing student ID cards.
  10. In charge of all curriculum service.
  11. Management of curricular committee.
  12. Curriculum arrangement.
  13. Course selection.
  14. Summer school course arrangement.
  15. Faculty hourly wages assessment.
  16. Part-time faculty hourly wages assessment.
  17. Curriculum administration.
  18. Master degree, school transferred and mid & final exams management.
  19. Classroom administration.

General Affairs Division

  1. In charge of all general affairs service.
  2. Editing undergraduate and graduate admissions advertisements.
  3. Editing school profile and enrollment advertisements.
  4. Managing various entrance examinations.
  5. Managing the application for overseas students.
  6. Controlling the quotas of the undergraduate students, graduate students, and handicapped students.
  7. In charge of all recruitment and admission affairs.

Continuing and Extension Education Division

  1. Registration:student enrollment and registration,course exemption and grading management.
  2. Courses arrangement.
  3. Continuing education and professional development meeting.
  4. Administratoin of continuing education program. 

The Center for Digital Learning

  1. Managing and Maintaining eLearning Systems and Computer Classrooms.
  2. Organizing Trainings on eLearning.
  3. Assisting Teachers to Produce eLearning Courses.
  4. Designing Multimedia Materials and Editing NIU Newsletter.
  5. Assisting to Register NIU Government Publication.