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Student Life Guidance and Military Education Division


.Student assistance

.Tuition and miscellaneous fees exemption


.Verification and application for student scholarships

.Student Character guidance;Rules of Law advising

.Intellectual Property Rights

.Campus Security

.Student tenants assistance

.Student dormitory ; Resident counseling and guidance

.Graduation ceremony

.Military human affairs

.Military Education

.Traffic Security

.Class and grade cadre

.Military Service





Student Activity Division


.Student autonomous organizations advising

.Student club Activities advising

.Student club evaluation;Student club awards ;Student club cadre training

.Tutor work promotion

.Welcome ceremony for new students

.School anniversary

.Service-learning curriculum and volunteer training





Health Service Division


.Health examination and follow-up the treatment of irregularities

.Clinical treatment and health counseling

.Emergency injury/illness treatment and patient referral

.Prevention of communicable diseases

.Campus health promotion activities

.Student group insurance

.Foreign students national health insurance

.Food hygiene management





Student Counseling Division


.Individual counseling

.Psychological assessment

.Group counseling and workshops

.Career guidance/ counseling

.Mental health seminars for Tutors

.Mental health promotion

.Gender Equality Education

.Resource Room for disabled students





Career Counseling Division


.Employment Counseling and Career Guidance

.Resume and Cover Letter Writing Advice

.Lectures on Start-up Company

.Lectures on Job-hunting Skills

.Job Vacancies Information

.Campus Job-hunting Fair

.Alumni Tracking and Contact

.Employee Performance Rating Survey







Indigenous Students Resource Center

Taiwan Indigenous Students Affairs.

Indigenous Students career counseling.

Indigenous Students client management.

.Taiwan Indigenous culture activities.