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Research and Evaluation Division

  1. Administrative support for the School Affairs Council and the Administrative Council, includingcalling for meetings, following up with the execution of resolutions, and record keeping.
  2. Final approval of all official documents.
  3. Handling confidential and important in-coming official documents.

Section of Public affairs

  1. Handling assignments from the President's office.
  2. Coordinating inter-departmental matters.
  3. Authorization of the school seal on documents pertaining to purchasing, contracts and leaves.
  4. Media relations.

Update and management of the alumni directory

  1. Publish the NIU Alumni Newsletter.
  2. Advance e-works (including center website, e-paper, Facebook, greeting emails, etc.) to alumni.
  3. Select distinguished alumni and appoint honorary alumni.
  4. Popularize alumni services.
  5. Assist and keep track of classmate associations.
  6. Accommodate alumni at momentous activities.
  7. Process fund raising from alumni.