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The Office of Research and Development fosters and sustains an environment

that facilitates faculty research. It offers the following types of service:

Project Management Division

  1. Assisting faculty with the applications for grants.
  2. Providing administrative support for the execution of research projects.
  3. Updating project-related statistics and research achievements.
  4. Serving as a liaison between faculty and local industries.
  5. Establishing cooperative ties to facilitate faculty research and development.


Research Planning Division

  1. Integrating resources to promote the research programs of NIU.
  2. Assisting the academic and research evaluation of teaching, research, and administrative units on campus.
  3. Assessing the adding, modifying, or closing transactions for proposals raised by teaching and research units.
  4. Obtaining patents and copyrights on behalf of NIU and its faculty.
  5. Providing necessary assistance in teachers’ academic activities and students’ practical training as well as technical certification.
  6. Marking out the research focus and future development of NIU.
  7. Facilitating large-scale interdisciplinary projects.
  8. Managing university evaluation and department certification.
  9. Undertaking the evaluation process of research centers.
  10. Assessing the exploitation performances of research resources and popularizing research achievements.
  11. Carrying out the conclusions drawn from the research and development meeting.


Industry Promotion Division

  1. Responsible for technology transfer, technology matching, negotiation and management of research achievements.
  2. Application, maintenance and management of patents for research achievements.
  3. Management, registry and application for rewards and subsidies for research achievements at STRIKE system(Scientific & Technological Resources, Information, and Knowledge Exchange system) of National Science Council.
  4. Conducting Outstanding Technology-Transfer Contribution Award and rewards for outstanding teachers for academia-industry cooperation.
  5. Research achievement presentation and promotion.


 Innovation and Incubation Center

  1. Providing space for research and development.
  2. Guiding and assisting the applications for governmental subsidies.
  3. Organizing expert group for counseling.
  4. Promoting company’s image.
  5. Importing diverse professional advices and guidances.