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Teaching and Faculty Development Division

  1. Plan and implement measures to enhance the professional development of faculty.
  2. Assist faculty in the enhancement of teaching quality, the launching of new projects, and the refinement of projects.
  3. Integrate teaching assistants into existing programs.
  4. Manage instructional media service.
  5. Provide faculty with consultation and guidance related to professional development and promote mentor-mentee program.
  6. Hold the annual teaching excellence award and other teaching related awards.
  7. Track course evaluation results and provide counseling.
  8. Oversee other events related to the development of teaching and faculty.

Student and Learning Development Division

  1. Promote and manage Student Autonomous Learning Groups.
  2. Assist the Office of Academic Affairs with the evaluation of courses and curriculum.
  3. Implement surveys for the evaluation of courses.
  4. Administer projects related to teaching excellence and evaluate project performance.
  5. Oversee budgetary decisions related to projects in teaching excellence.
  6. Implement project initiatives for the second Northern Taiwan Teaching Resource Center of the Ministry of Education.
  7. Assist the Ministry of Education with affairs related to the Post-secondary Education Questionnaire Database.
  8. Execute College Entrance Exam and other events related to academic affairs.