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Reader Services Division

  1. Reference Services、Access E-resources Train Course、Interlibrary Loan service.
  2. User Education & Outreach Programs;Multimedia Center Services;Multimedia Spaces Facilities;Management.
  3. Circulation & Collection Services;Book Search Services.
  4. Library Spaces & Facilities Management.

Collection Management Division

  1. Systems Management and Integration.
  2. Administration and Acquisitions.
  3. Cataloging, Register Coding and Binding for Collections.
  4. Processing the Donated material.

Information Network Division

  1. Campus Network Deployment, Management and Maintenance.
  2. TANet Regional Center、TANet Wireless Roaming Center.
  3. TWAREN GigaPOP.

System Design Division

  1. Academic Information Systems Planning and Design.
  2. Student Affairs Information System Planning and Design.
  3. General Information Systems Planning and Design.
  4. Information Systems Planning and Design of Each Unit.
  5. Administrative Information System Maintenance.