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[2017-09-28]Executive Director of State of Hawaii Office in Taipei makes an inspiring speech to NIU students

Invited by NIU Office of International Affairs, Mr. Alex C. Lei, the Executive Director of State of Hawaii Office in Taipei made an encouraging speech to our students in Sep 27.


This is a very valuable opportunity for students to hear first-hand sharing from foreign affairs ambassadors. Mr. Alex C. Lei opened his talk by telling students how he broke self-limitation with a change of mind-set. He said we all have the potential to do many things; the key is whether you are willing to try, not focus on what you can or cannot do.   


Mr. Alex C. Lei then introduced key areas of his daily works. By giving vivid examples, students can image the challenges and meaning a successful ambassador could encounter and achieve. In the final part of this speech, Mr. Alex C. Lei encouraged NIU students to “invest your future”. He highlighted the importance of keep improving language skills (not limited to English only), communication skills, innovation capability, analytical thinking and to develop leadership.


Mr. Alex C. Lei concluded that life is like a kite. You never know when the wind will come, so you have to prepare yourself well. When the right chance comes, you can fly high and move to the next level.


It was truly an inspiriting speech. And in the long term, NIU is looking for cooperating with State of Hawaii in education and many other fields to contribute our part to the global society.



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