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[2020-3-9] Mass disinfection in Yilan’s traditional market and fishing boats
As the spreading of corona virus goes on, it brings a huge impact on tourism industry in general. The Yilan Mayor Office and the people in NanfangAo, started to put their efforts on the sterilization of traditional markets and fishing boats on 9th, March. According to the Mayor of Yilan County, people are by now prefer to cook at home rather than dine out due to the virus. A clean marketplace is then desirable.

On 9th March, The Mayor Office has invited Mr. Huang (黃士哲老師), associate professor of Department of Animal Science in National Ilan University, to demonstrate the procedure of sterilization with the use of diluted hypochlorous acid. The mayor himself joined the practice too.

Prof. Huang stated that the sterilizer used in the practice has been diluted to meet the safety level for human body, and that it is produced by NIU. The sparying of sterilizer on the goods shelf and the corridor in the market do contribute to a carefree marketplace.
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