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[2020-3-10] NIU students sent homemade pizzas to medics to show gratitude
The COVID-19 has made people panic. Recently, it is believed that restaurant business is unwilling to take orders from hospitals or refuse to deliver food. This is frustrating for the medical staff who are struggling and bearing huge risks. Nevertheless, NIU students Pinjun Zheng and Shengxiang Lin drove their own homemade pizzas to Yangming Hospital. He has baked 50 pieces of pizza worth more than 10,000 NT dollars to hospital medical staff to show people’s support and encouragement.

Pinjun Zheng said that the medical staff worked really hard, and has also made Taiwan's epidemic prevention work under a good control. He used to see some stores or delivery people refused to deliver meals to hospital’s medical staffs, which made him pretty sad. Therefore, he hoped to do his best to pass on warmth and love, so that medical staffs could feel supports and encouragement from the public.
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