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[2020-3-4] Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) introduced by National Ilan University
In the traditional agriculture industry, a farmer in this field will be responsible for the planting, fertilization, harvesting of the crops, and picking out apple snails. They have always been very busy during the 365 days of the year. For the busy farming, National Ilan University introduces scientific research and various solutions to improve the precision and efficiency of agricultural management.

With the drone filming large-scale farmland images. The drone goes with environmental information, such as heat and humidity, which can respond quickly to the environment and crop disease. There is also an app to download to manage the farmland in a more efficient way.

Given that the growing importance of the drone, our school has opened the drone experimental flight field at the South Campus last year (2019), which is the first multi-purpose drone flight area in eastern Taiwan that combines applied research and talent cultivation. The main goal is to cultivate new generations of young science and technology talents who combine smart technology and precision agriculture, while training trainees and young farmers to obtain legal drone operating licenses.

In the second semester of the 108th academic year, the University Department first opened a "UAV MiniCourse", covering the concept of UAV systems and related applications. In addition, the plan has been completed to launch the "UAV Application and Smart Agriculture Master's Degree Program". It is expected that the first enrollment will be made in the 110 academic year. The purpose is to conduct more in-depth application research in response to existing agricultural problems.

What’s more, National Ilan University has already applied for the "Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents of Biomedicine and New Agriculture". Classes will begin this summer. Combining drones with artificial intelligence, big data analysis and other majors, we will help young farmers not only be able to control drones, but also Information analysis ability, rank among science and technology farmers.
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