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[2020-3-12] NIU's interdisciplinary education to cultivate competitive and talented intellectuals
After entering to Ilan university, the summer vacation for fresh man camp team start with the "four-year solution to one problem" professional practice of the learning process, with the flexibility of the course, to bring up independent thinking and problem-solving ability of creative talent. Ilan university is advisable to build the first drone flight ground in the east and develop drone education and personnel training. Ilan is leading of leisure agriculture in Taiwan, Ilan university most of them are members of the [Ilan County Leisure Agriculture Strategy Alliance], guide the development of leisure agriculture, also attend to green energy, ecological environment and other issues, to promote the creation of the property industry.

Ilan University has a variety of curriculum internship application field, including Wujie Campus to provide agricultural and animal husbandry experimental research, teaching practice places, Great Reef Creek Forest Farm for ecological and environmental education talent development field, south area campus to build a drone application research center and entrepreneurial park, in the future will be set up innovative education into a college, that combined with local industry to cultivate talent.

Ilan university has a unique literary master Huang Chun Ming experience action hall, which re-creates the master's creative process and writing appearance. Through the imagination of AR reality and time-backing, we have added soft elements to a farmer-savvy campus, and built the Ilan University Campus History Museum, with the cultural relics of the Kamalan ruins as the main axis, which integrates general courses to the historical context, and guides students to explore the human development.

We’ve had almost 100 partner universities around four continents in the world and, especially in these four years, we’ve been making an effort to branching out to Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Poland, French, Ireland, Canada America, and so forth to produce students opportunities for learning experiences abroad.

In order to broaden students’ horizons, we’ve sent students to Sabah, Malaysia for teaching lessons there and to Chiang Mai, Thailand for internship. For activities, it includes international winter/summer camps, international service association, and so forth. President Wu Po-Ching led the students from Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) and Master of Bioresource to Northern Thailand to visit Taiwanese entrepreneurs and partner universities/institutions, which provide students much more of opportunities to explore their lives.

President Po-ching Wu led the students from Executive Master Of Business Administration and Master Of Bioresource to Baan Rak Thai Qing-hua Elementary School.

Words from President:

In 2018, National Ilan University (NIU) was ranked 17th in the List of Best Universities in Taiwan by Global Views Monthly. A year after, we again got a good mark in the field of Promotion and Industry-Academic Revenue, which now has become an indicator of whether a university could keep pace with the trend of the industry at the market. NIU has been leading students participating numerous entrepreneurship contests with flying colors, which drives students to learn things spontaneously and, what’s more, integrates students with their future career. Making great effort to promote international exchanges, we expect to cultivate competitive and talented intellectuals with international perspective in the coming future.
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