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[20204-9] Updated Library Regulation Notice
Update relevant measures in response to virus-prevention, readers please obey the following rules:

1. Library and Information Center now starts to implement single-access control. There are some changes about library opening time: Mon.~Fri. until 9 a.m, Sat. &Sun. until 10 a.m. to open. (Entering and leaving only at second floor) During the exam weeks, only open till 10 p.m.

2. During the period of virus-prevention, mandatory mask-wearing is applied to everyone in library. The special corner of Huang Chun-Ming at 3rd floor and reading area at 6th floor is temporarily closed. For the areas which left open, visitors are to sit with empty seats in intervals. Adjustments for the opening of 4th and 5th floor may be taken according to the actual usage of the space.

3. Temperature-taking booth is set at the entrance. Do kindly cooperate with the measure. Body temperature up 37.5° is not allowed to enter the library.

4. Since the pandemic has not been controlled, it's not available for people outside the school to have the service of exchanging temporary reading card. Also, using entity inter-library cooperation card, citizen reading card, and teaching and administrative staff's family member card to enter the library is prohibited. Sorry for the inconveniences.

5. Reading seats, computer facilities, and lobby have been sterilized every day. Please feel safe when you use them.

6. During the virus-prevention period, please use the book-returning box without entering the library; alcohol is placed at the entrance, and there is a "book sterilizer" next to the circulation counter. Welcome to use more.

7. The elevator service to the library is temporarily suspended.
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