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[2020-4-16] NIU's U-Start Team won grants from MOE
The program “U-Start” (原漾計畫) is carried out by both the Youth Development Agency of the Ministry of Education and the Council of Indigenous Peoples together. This program aims at nurturing professional indigenous personnel in industries, encouraging college students to establish their business, and organizing a superb entrepreneurial environment to increase job opportunities. As a result, it links the education field(campus) and supportive elements (skill implementation in local areas) together. Furthermore, the indigenous teenagers are guided to use the nature’s advantages like traditional wisdoms, characteristic cultivation and the ecology of tribes to strengthen their ability of business-establishing and innovative creativity to carry forward the local indigenous culture.
The NIU Innovation Incubation Centre is enthusiastically guiding the winning team to develop their business-establishing association. Also, it contributes to programs such as vocational training services, financial legal consultancy and project formulating advice just to create a business start-up opportunity for the team.
Congratulations to the accomplishment succeeded by the indigenous team, led by Professor Yi-Lin Sophia Chen. Attaining the first stage of U-Start (原漾計畫) in year 109, the team has successful obtained the supportive financial award.
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