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[2020-4-27] NIU South Campus Commences Its First Phase of Construction
Been waited for twenty years! The First Phase of National Ilan University (NIU) South Campus went through its groundbreaking ceremony on 27 April. The magistrate of county Zi-Miao Lin, President of NIU Dr. Wu, legislator Ou-Bo Chen, the director of management in Hsinchu Science Park Yong-Zhuang Wang joinly participated in the ritual prayers, marking the official beginning of the construction. The first-stage development project of the South Campus, was successfully bidden by Fieldoffice Architects. The development of South Campus is divided into two phases. The first phase of the project includes "Public Facilities and Road Landscape Engineering", "Horticulture, Biotech and Drone R & D industrial Renovation Building", "Food-Maker and Internship Site Relocation", "Greenhouse Construction", "Low-end Baseball Field" and "Innovation Center Construction" are expected to be completed in 2023, and the funds needed will be raised by NIU for about 300 million dollars. The South Campus covers an area of 26.7 hectares, which is nearly twice as large as the existing 15 hectares of Shennong Main Campus.
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