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[2020-4-27] NIU South Campus to be Completed in 2023
Twenty years ago, the Yilan County government developed the vision of “County with Technology, City with University”, inviting National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) to set up a school in Yilan. However, the development plan has been postponed until now. Through some twists and turns and negotiations, the groundbreaking ceremony of the "Phase I Development Project" is expected to be completed in 2023.

"We have waited this day for 20 years." Said Dr. Po-ching Wu, president of National Ilan University (NIU). In order to promote the “Science and Technology County and University City”, the county mayor Liu Shoucheng handed over the land of South Airport to National Tsing Hua University for the development of the Yilan campus in 2000. However, Tsinghua University had different opinions on the development of the school district, and believed that the school couldn’t use endowment fund but using fundraising.

President Wu said that due to the unsuccessful fundraising, NIU strived to cooperate with NTHU. Although the Executive Yuan approved the development plan in 2015, NIU paid 83.25 million for disbursement after coordination. In 2017, NIU officially acquired the land.

President Wu also said that the first phase of the project invested 280 million. The greenhouses, farms, and food factories of NIU Shennung Main Campus will be relocated to the South Campus. The Chengnan Campus also has a field certified by the Civil Aviation Administration, which can be used as a UAV research and development center. The second phase of the project will use the BOT method to attract investment after the first phase of the environment is constructed.

Lastly, President Wu added that the South campus will become a complementary relationship with Yilan Science Park.
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