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[2020-5-5] Taiwan shows epidemic prevention strength and does not suspend classes
According to the statistics of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today, schools in more than 70% of the countries in the world have been suspended or partially suspended. More than 1.2 billion students cannot attend classes at school, while Taiwan can still have classes normally. Students who ahve participated in distance learning program said that online learning will have tasks and tests at any time, and they will be more attentive in class. Some students said that there are quizzes to practice, which gives them more sense of accomplishment.

Yesterday, Education and Culture Committee handled schools online course long-range inspection. Observed by Ministry of Education, National Ilan University and Bei-Tun Elementary School (Taichung City) have demonstrated blended/ hybrid course. Besides the teachers gave lectures, assigned homework made students respond immediately in the class. Moreover, the teachers can examine the answers from the students immediately, and gave instruction in an appropriate way.
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