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[2020-5-6] VEEAM to upgrade system security in NIU, creating an excellent learning environment
At National Ilan University, the Library and Information Center is still committed to introducing innovative technologies and optimizing the overall learning environment despite the lack of available manpower. This time, using Veeam Availability Suite and VMware Vcenter settings, it can automatically create backup schedules for more than 150 virtual hosts, maintain the stable operation of educational information systems and e-mail services, and maximize the efficiency of limited manpower.

The ever-changing innovative information technology allows organizations to complete complex tasks in the most efficient way. For example, a set of powerful backup tools can help information personnel deal with equipment failures, human negligence or hacker intrusions, and easily maintain various applications. Stable operation of services. Among the many backup tools on the market, NIU chose the Veeam Availability Suite, which has a fast backup and restore speed and an easy-to-manage management interface, to protect the application services of more than 150 virtual hosts, and build a sound foundation for the school to promote a centralized host policy.

Prof. Jie-Ren Chang (張介仁館長), director of the Library and Information Center of NIU, said that creating a stable and efficient IT infrastructure, maintaining the stable operation of a variety of educational information systems, and creating the best learning environment for teachers and students is one of the work objectives of the Library and Information Center. After the introduction of Veeam Availability Suite, the data backup problem that has plagued us for a long time was solved immediately and faster, and the status of the backup data can be mastered with a minimum manpower. The overall information structure is more stable than in the past. We feel that the project results very satisfying.
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