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[2020-5-28] Travelling Back to 400 Years, Archaeological Sites of Agricultural School Exhibited in National Ilan University
A few years ago, the remains in National Ilan University was found during the construction of campus expansion, “The remains of agricultural school” became the only recorded relics in Yilan city. After arrangement, the school authorities totally discovered about 30,000 cultural artefacts. Since the imitation had been finished, “The Cultural layer of Yilan Agricultural School Remains” exposition was held at original site exhibition area. It was opened yesterday for public to learn about the culture of Kavalan.

National Ilan University was formerly “Taipei State Yilan Agricultural and Forestry school”. The excavated archaeological site was classified into the 13-line cultural old society type, approximately 400 years ago. It was continuously named with the old school title and recorded as “The remains of Yilan agricultural school”.

Considering the invaluable value of the relics, the school authorities organized an exposition entitled “The Cultural Layer of Yilan Agricultural School Remains”, at Wanbin hall, the basement of Administration Building that was almost the same location of excavation site. Yesterday, the launching ceremony was held, and they specially invited Pan Yufeng, president of Kavalan Qiliban Club, and the representative of Liu-Liu aboriginals to sing the ancient traditional song for praying.
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