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[2020-5-28] National Ilan University's "Agricultural School Ruins" Exhibition Reproduces the Life of the Kavalan People 400 Years Ago
National Ilan University today held a ceremony in the exhibition area of "Yilan Agricultural School Ruins Cultural Layer" in Wan Bin Hall to reproduce the life appearance of the Kavalan people 400 years ago. The cultural relics include rare fish-shaped metal knitting, agate beads, etc. Ilan University Librarian Zhang Jieren said that the "Agricultural School Ruins" is the only listed site in Yilan City. A total of more than 30,000 cultural relics have been dug up and will be displayed in the exhibition area after imitation, so that the public can further understand the Kavalan culture.

The national historic site of Yilan County has two sites, Hanben (漢本) and Wanshan (丸山), there are ten sites which are recorded in books including the “Agricultural School Site,” which is located in the NIU headquarters, and also belongs to the archaeological site of the old social style of Shihsanhang (十三行) culture, which has been dated to about 400 years ago. Today, NIU held a ceremony for the
exhibition plan of “ Yilan Agriculture School Culture Layer,” and invited PAN YU-FENG(潘玉峰), representative of Yilan County Kavalan, CHI-LI-PAN (奇立板社), and clansman of LIU-LIU(流流社), chanting in their traditional tongue for pray, expressing the spirit of respecting nature of protecting the soil.

Pointed out by Zhang Jieren, the theme of the exhibition is to “Pass through 400 years with the reappearance of the Agricultural School Site Culture Layer,” be classified to the permanent exhibition, and to present subterranean history in an underground space, with the exhibition area divided into three sections: “Hall Wall Elevation,” “Imitate Cultural Relic Exhibition,” and “Multimedia Interaction Area.” The whole area utilizes the ways of mining and re-excavating the site and cultural relics, combined with words, images, illustrations, replicas etc. as methods of comprehensive display to make people comprehensively understand the historic trail of sites.

Zhang Jieren said that Ilan University has set up the Preparatory Office about Yilan agricultural school ruins museum, with “campus museumization, museum campus” as the version, continue to fight for external information and cooperate with County Government Cultural Bureau, Lanyang Museum, promote the establishment of Yilan agricultural School ruins museum.

Chen Kaili, vice-principal of Ilan University, pointed out that thanks to the Ministry of Culture's financial help, so the school in Wan Bin Hall to build a "Yilan Agricultural School Site Cultural Layer" exhibition area, showing the wonderful content of the archaeological site.
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