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[2020-6-3] Eldest Graduate Ever in NIU, Grandpa Fulfilled His Academic Dream at the Age of 91
The National Ilan University held a graduation ceremony, with the eldest graduate ever in its history. Zhang Yan-Zao, who was born in 1929 and is already 91 years old, dubbed “grandpa” by his classmates and teachers, is a dutiful and hardworking student. He was given an award, received thunderous applause when he received the medal from the principal Wu Bo-Qing on the stage.

Zhang Yan-Zao's home is close to the school. He said, "It's a pity not to come to school since I live nearby." He rides a motorcycle to school every day, hardly ever misses a class. His sense of balance is as good as his physical fitness as he joins his young fellow classmates, in their twenties, to do physical fitness training such as core muscle groups.

Zhang Yan-Zao had previously studied at primary school during Japanese rule. As the eldest son of his family, he had to give up his studies to help make money early because of his father’s poor health. Having regrets about the inability to continue his education, he picked up textbooks and went for his dreams which he didn't practice in his early years.

President Wu said that Zhang Yan-Zao is the oldest graduate since the history of Ilan University. In fact, at the age of 84, Zhang was firstly graduated from NIU’s Vocational Education School (complementary school) and completed the vocational education. He then applied for the Bachelor's degree program three times in four years’ period. He is finally admitted to the Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion. He encouraged everyone to follow the example of Zhang, as there’s always something you can do to live a better life. “Graduation is not the end of a study, but a fresh start of life.”
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