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[2020-6-4] The 91 Year-Old Chang Yen-Tsao Graduated! He Had Perfect Attendance for 4 Years.
June is the season of graduation. National Yilan University held the graduation on June 3rd. There were one student graduating from Department of Leisure Industry and Health Promotion named CHANG YEN-TSAO (張焰灶) who is 91 years old. He come to school by riding the scooter himself for 4 years and has never been absent from school. Also, he does well on academic performance. NIU granted him an award for his good performances in school. He is the most senior graduate ever since the starting of NIU.

When he was being asked by <<Apple Daily>> about why he wanted to come back to the university for further study, he replied that he lived close to the school. It only took him 10 minutes to the school from home.

He said that he was the eldest kid in his family. In order to earn money, he dropped out of the classes after graduating from Jhongshan elementary and started to be a farmer. He and his wife earned the money together, and run a swimming pool now.

He said that because his family couldn’t afford his tuition when he was young, so he raised his children and grandchildren all graduating from college. He had been wanting to go to college for years. He didn’t start the study until he retired from staff of a temple for the local Earth God.

He doesn’t understand the computer, so he wrote down every paper sheet and homework whereas youngster typed down every word for their homework. He said that when he made up his mind to go back to the university, all his family and friends supported him, and thought that all the youngsters should see him as a role model.

For the hard work of Zhang Yan-Tsao, graduates from other departments praised him as a role model for young students. The class instructor also said that although there is a big gap in the age of the training department, they will help each other. Although he is the oldest student in the class, if he does not understand, the students will help him, and his grades are all on his own. In exchange for hard work, he is also happy to share his life experience.
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