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[2020-06-16] NIU students win the highest honor technology award for National guide-hand qualification exam
Seven students from the Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science and the Indigenous Special Class of the College of Bioresources of our school participated in the "Certificate of 2020 KCT Recognized Guidance Hand Campus Team Technical Cup Guidance Hand" on the 2nd of this month. All of them passed the test. Among them, Zhan Fanyi and Zhuang Wenyu won the highest honor technical award.

"Guiding hand" refers to a professional who instructs a dog's beautiful posture. After obtaining the C-level test, students can continue to take B-level, A-level then priest, teacher and other examinations to become a professional instructor.

This test is held by the university of Pet Care and Beauty Department of the Chinese Medical University of Science and Technology and KCT, total is 102.
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