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[2020-6-17] New Technology from National Ilan University: Electrode Plates Kills Rice Weevils
A bumper harvest makes a farmer happy. However, after harvest, the problem of rice weevils has troubled farmers. National Ilan University has developed new technologies to help farmers fix the problem. As long as two electrode plates are used, the problem of the parasite can be easily solved in less than two minutes.

In order to prevent the disease, people need to measure their temperature. The temperature should not be high, but the rice is the contrary. The higher temperature the better is. Yilan University uses electrode plate to let the rice reach a temperature of 60 degrees in one minute. This could kill the rice worm, if it is 100 degrees can be sterilized. Chen Shu De, a professor in the department of Food Science at Yilan University said: “ it produce quick energy and heats quickly, we have the processing of the rice worm by reach to 60 degrees in about one minutes, and all the rice worm will be killed.”

One crop of Yilan rice are grown in a year. The yield per hectare is more than 12,000 Tai Jin, which are not many but are all great quantities. However, you can always find the rice worms on them. However, with this technology, farmers are getting interested to it. CHEN JIN GONG, a farmer, said that “because our products are mainly dry, during the process of drying, killing the worms and sterilization are needed.

Rice farmer-Ms. Chen says: "Customers who buy our agricultural products may also be small families, so we may have to do some work in preservation." The farmer visitors said that if the farmer can have this equipment, then there is no need to worry about rice worms when we harvest the white rice.
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