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[2020-6-19] Vice President Qing De Lai visited the "Ruan,Yi-Zhong Taiwan Story House"
Vice President Qing De Lai visited the "Ruan,Yi-Zhong Taiwan Story House" and Innovation Incubation Centre of the National Yilan University. He encouraged more compatriots to travel to Yilan when the Covid-19 pandemic has been ebbing to revitalizing the domestic economy and tourism market.

The new pavilion area of "Ruan,Yi Zhong Taiwan Story House" was completed recently. Yilan City Office invited Vice President Lai to participate in the inauguration ceremony, and visited the current "Ruei Lin, Hong "My Painting is a Miner's Diary" & Yi Zhong, Ruan "Underground Light" miner theme exhibition. He tends to admire the tension of paintings about miners that Ruei Lin, Hong exudes in the simple brushstrokes, as well as the photos of miners from Taiwan during the twilight years recorded by Yi Zhong, Ruan from 1977 to 1980.

In his speech, Vice President Lai said that for him as a child of a miner, it is of great significance to be able to feel the historical memories closely related to his own memories and growing land through Ruan Yizhong's photography.

He said that after several months of hard work, Taiwan has successfully resisted the Wuhan pneumonia (2019 coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic. The government will launch relief travel in the future. The tourist attraction in Yilan County is diverse, and Yilan City has red brick houses and Jimmy Park, the happiness transfer station, and the Yilan People's Story Hall. These tourist attractions form a cultural and artistic gallery. Now, Ruan Yizhong's photography works are added to make Yilan City more artistic and cultural.

The vice president: As travel restriction lifted, the government released rejuvenation coupon " Triple coupon ". Expecting people travel more often and choose Yilan as their option.

Then, the vice president Lai headed on Yilan Science Park, Hsinchu Science Industrial Park Administration. To visit the new Incubation Center of Yilan University. Wu Bo Ching, the principal of Yilan University showed the accomplishment of it.

Wu Baiqing said that since the establishment of the Innovation Incubation Center in 1995, 120 incubation companies have been cultivated. The Innovation Incubation Center integrates internal or external resources of the school, incubation industries focus on biotechnology and medicine, tourism and leisure, green energy technology, and cultural and creative arts, in line with government policy "Five Plus Two Innovation Industries" and the project of local industrial development in Yilan.

Vice President Lai expressed his admiration for Wu Baiqing's achievements in running schools in recent years. Wu Baiqing is ambitiously and positively hoping to make Ilan university a base for the start-up of the youth in Eastern Taiwan. Such determination is worthy of recognition.
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