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[2020-6-19] Vice President Lai Qingde visited National Ilan University: not only unicorns but also ant soldiers
Vice President Lai Qingde visited the Innovation and Incubation Center of the National Ilan University today. He encouraged innovation and youth entrepreneurship. He pointed out that thousands of young friends invest in entrepreneurship and connect in various fields. Not only will there be unicorns, but also ant soldiers, let Taiwan's economic transformation.

Lai Qingde went to the 4th floor of the standard manufacturer of the Yilan Park in Hsinchu Science Park today to visit the Innovation and Incubation Center of Ilan University. President Wu Baiqing briefed on the fruitful results in recent years and stated that he would establish an "Innovation and Incubation College" at the National Ilan University. The incubation base, drone application research center and food maker center will guide Yilan's real estate industry to expand cooperation among industry, government, academia, and research, and shape the innovative incubation college to become a new creative settlement in northeastern Taiwan.

Lai Qingde expressed his admiration for the school's attempt to build a newly created base in East Taiwan, also expressed his admiration for the team led by President Wu Baiqing, which is in line with the country's development direction.
Lai Qingde said that youth creation is important. In the past few decades, Taiwanese entrepreneurs carried 007 suitcases to win orders from all over the world, creating the first economic miracle and laying the foundation for Taiwan’s industry and commerce. Taiwan’s future is in international competition and it needs young people invest again. The difference is that the first economic miracle is hardware. Now we are developing software, making good use of technology, different fields, both software and hardware. Whether it is artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, etc., the school puts technology and effort to teach young people and connect in various fields. Thousands of young people have invested in entrepreneurship. Not only unicorns, but also ant soldiers have transformed Taiwan’s economy.

Pointed out by NIU, the Innovation Incubation Center was established in 2006, educated 120 plants of incubation so far, innovated the new Incubation Center, and the Innovation Incubation Center merge the school with outer and inside source into. Focus the key point on incubating the industry of "Biopharmaceuticals", "Tourism and Leisure", "Green Energy Technology", and "Culture and Creative Arts", to match the "The 5+2 Industrial Transformation Plan" the policy of the government and the program of industrial development of local industry in Yilan.

Expressed by school, from 2015 to 2019, NIU Innovation Incubation Center was the first standard plant which has 450 square meters in Shennong Main Campus and in Yilan Science Park, incubated 20 enterprises a year, maintained 25 plants of incubation to march into until now. From 2015 to 2019, the plants marched into the Innovation Incubation Center, earned 250 million (New Taiwan Dollar) on average in total annual revenue, and also assisted it to connect 250 consultants, including the professors in school, extracurricular specialists etc. Provided almost 500 times of consultations to help to create innovative value in industry.
Besides, "Bispet Food Co., Ltd." is founded by the graduates from the Department of Biotechnology and Animal Science and a master's degree in electronic engineering. Applying U-start project from the year of 105 and 350,000 grants through the First Phase Of U-start Review, and after receiving a further 300,000 bonuses from the Merit Team in the second phase. In the encouragement of Yucheng Center, apply for the adoption of the "106-year Yilan County Local SBIR Program", for 106 Yilan County through 17 manufacturers of rare student start-up company, outstanding performance. Moreover, applying 108 years for the adoption of the "108 Yilan County local SBIR Plan" to achieve new success.

The stationed manufacturer "Bee Chihara Yong Co. , Ltd. is composed by aborigine students, through the education center under the guidance of the application "109 annual U-start original plan", through the first phase of the review to obtain 350,000 funds, will learn to use the Yilan University beekeeping technology to the tribal community feedback to the original township, in order to strengthen the economic development under the forest, and develop high-value wild bee products.
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