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[2020-6-21] Humans and Trees
When logging becomes a sin of environmental protection, felling the national lumber also becomes hardly difficult. Everybody recognized that logging industry was a history in the past of Taiwan, but it also played the most important role for few of people who raised by felling.

The following is the excerpt from《Rhythms Magazine》:
Below to a 25-meter-tall Japanese Cedar, the 67-year-old lumberjack looked carefully to think to cut down a tree. Felling is not an easy skill, it needs to consider the safety of the tree farm, the efficiency of getting log, observing the position and the aspect of the tree etc.

CHEN,JIN-SHU, entered the tree farm when he was 15 years old, in 19 years old, he went to Dayuling, a place is the Forest Development Office of Veterans Affairs Council (now named Forest Conservation Administration) and accompanied with his father.

Withered industry
When everyone thinks that logging is Taiwan’s past history, it is still a progressive process in some people’s lives.

"The logging we are talking about now refers to planted woodland!" Zhuo Zhilong, a professor at the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Yilan University, emphasized it before the interview. Productive plantation forests in Taiwan account for only 13% of the total forest area of the country. Since the government and the private sector have promoted afforestation, many plantation forests have now passed the logging period, and some have even gradually degraded, becoming a hot potato in the hands of forest management units.

Zhuo Zhilong is also the only teacher in Taiwan who still teaches logging practices on the spot. He said, "In recent years, we have not used the term "logging" and instead "harvested" forest trees, just like when we harvest rice in agricultural land. Now the wood is harvested in the woodland."

The total area of planted forests in Taiwan is about 440,000 hectares, of which the area of productive planted forests is 270,000 hectares. According to the provisions of the "Taiwan Forest Management Plan", the annual logging in Taiwan shall not exceed 200,000 cubic meters. However, today's actual harvest is less than 50,000 cubic meters (1% of self-sufficiency rate).

The pride and misery of the lumberjack
Working in the mountains, always wearing a checkered shirt, a pair of black rain boots, coarse cloth gloves, A Shubo, lean and cheerful personality. Decades of logging have been ups and downs, with joy and sorrow. Speaking of the things that made him happiest, he once used the technology of slinging to transport twenty-meter-long logs on the narrow industrial roads to the mountains without any damage. This is an "impossible task" among the general population. It took only one project and no secondary injuries. After the work was completed successfully, the old man not only brewed the old man's tea and asked him to drink it, but also gave him a red envelope.

What his wife didn't understand was why this thin envelope bag would make him happier than a thick stack of hundreds of thousands of wages? He said, "Because what I received is affirmed, it is affirmed by experts, and can be seen, and my head is raised."

In the blink of an eye, the first contact with an axe and chain saw since the age of fifteen, fifty years later, A Shubo once did not go home for ten years because of logging in Hualien. His son thought he was a "bad guy who abandoned his wife and abandoned his son." "Don't let my father step into the house, the relationship between father and son was tense once.

Chen Liangzhen, who also worked with the forest for more than half a century, seems to have no such suspicion of getting along with his son. His son Chen Zhiqiang recalled that when he was a child, his hometown was full of fir trees, and the natural playground under the fir forest gave him quite good childhood memories. The Chinese fir forest is called "the ancestor's property", it is for the next generation or the next generation, but it is also laughed that "the most fool will grow Chinese fir and starve himself to death."

Chen Zhiqiang understand after the logging has also turned into negative thinking, doubt inglising the blood of the mountains and forests to grow up? So he doesn’t tell people that his dad is a wood merchants and he doesn’t think that his dad is a saboteur of biology. “his deals are artificial wood that an ancestor left to the next generation, by dad withing from the forest into funds.” Chen Zhiqiang, now a family physician at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, feels that his father's job is a microcosm of the economic transformation, representing the previous generation model of minimum use and symbiosis of mountain forests. Logging, like some of the choices of the past, to today's standards to look back, will feel that there are many mistakes, but no more blame can not change the facts, looking forward is the direction.

A whole life to farm a mountain
Once, Taiwan experienced a history of lumbering, in the era of 1990,the consciousness of environment awaken, forbidding to lumber primitive forests in whole Taiwan. However, the image of lumbering is means destroy the environment is deep in the hearts of the people, lumberjacks were treated as the executioner of the forest, “don’t touch”, “don’t control” becomes the main idea in the management of forest industry.

Bad deforestation is bound to be sanctioned, but the concept of forest conservation, however, let the general public mostly do not know the source and where to go of wood, the understanding of Taiwan's timber is only limited to red birch, flat cypress and other precious wood, not clear of the reality of natural resources management.

Perhaps today's public protection of forests should not be confined to the discussion of whether or not logging? Instead, the eye should be on overseeing how to cut down well. The concept of conservation correct, the technology is specialized, and the impact on the environment can be the lowest.

"Forestry is only a longer-term agriculture.” The hoe was replaced an axe, and the logging was run on an acre of forest green fields with a ten-year growth unit.
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