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[2020-6-7] Vice President Ching-de Lai (賴清德副總統) Visited the Innovation Incubation Center of National Ilan University
The Innovation Incubation Center was established in 2006, having fostered 120 incubation companies, combined with the Innovation Incubation Institute to form a creative cluster in northeast Taiwan. The goal is to make the local talents to stay in Ilan, and attract and gather around the outer country’s resources to Yilan. A few days ago, Vice President Ching-de Lai visited this Center, giving it a high recognition and anticipation.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Ilan University Innovation and Incubation Center has cultivated 120 incubators, integrated resources inside and outside the school, and focused on cultivating industries focused on "biotechnology and medicine", "tourism and leisure", "green energy technology" and "cultural and creative arts" . An average of 20 companies are cultivated each year, and 25 cultivated manufacturers are currently maintained. The annual total annual turnover of the manufacturers is about 250 million on average, and the results are fruitful. Vice President Lai made a special trip to visit a few days ago, hoping that Ilan University will strive for various resources to nurture students from agricultural-related disciplines in the future. After graduation, they can use smart technology to improve the development of agriculture, cooperate with the government's policy direction at the same time, to ensure the steady development of young entrepreneurial enterprises.

Tian-Shou Chen (陳添壽), deputy chairman of the Council of Agriculture, also said that 24 million NT dollars will be provided to Ilan University this year to build a base for young farmers to start their own businesses and help cultivate more young farmers to make greater economic benefits in a through-train mode in farming technology, commercialization and marketing.
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