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[2020-7-31] Inauguration Ceremony of Presidents of National Universities
Today, the Ministry of Education held the "Inauguration Ceremony of the President of National Universities". The presidents of National Taiwan Ocean University, National Changhua University of Education, National United University and National Taipei University of Education were all replaced. Minister of Education Pan Wen-Zhong hoped that the president of the university should have new ideas and new vision to lead the university work hard for higher education in Taiwan.

The new presidents are Xu Taiwen, President of National Taiwan Ocean University, Chen Mingfei, President of National Changhua University of Education, Li Weixian, President of National United University, and Chen Qinghe, President of National Taipei University of Education; and Cheng Yingyao, President of National Sun Yat-sen University, Wu Boching, President of National Ilan University, and president of Tainan National University of the Arts, Zhan Jingyu continued to hold the post, and Pan Wenzhong sent a letter of appointment and renewal at the ceremony.

Xu Taiwen, the new president of National Ocean University, is a Ph.D. from Institute of Water Resources and Marine Engineering in National Cheng Kung University and a former vice president of Taiwan Ocean University. “Mr. Xu possesses a background knowledge of marine engineering. He is expected to lead National Ocean University to be the best of its line”, says Pan Wen-Zhong.

Chen Ming-fei, the new president of the National Changhua Normal University, is a Ph.D. from the Institute of Fluid Power Transmission and Control of Aachen University of Technology in Germany. He has served as the vice president of Changsha Normal University and other positions. Pan Wenzhong said that President Chen Mingfei pays equal attention to production, education and research, and is expected to cultivate cross-domain talents to meet the development trend of the industry.

The new president of the National United University, Li Weixian, is a PhD in the Higher School of Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Nantes, France. He has served as the secretary of the National Chengchi University. President Li’s concrete experience in teaching and administration could establish connection between productive chain and cross-country affairs, leading National United University to its way of becoming a top-notch campus.

Chen Qing-he, the new president of National Taipei University of Education, is a Ph.D. in Engineering from National Central University, formerly a professor at National Taipei of Education, and a former administrative advisor to the Executive Yuan. Mr. Pan wishes him to lead National Taipei University of Education to become a campus with integrated domains of pedagogy, arts, science, and technology, all according to the trend of social development.

As for the continuing presidents, Mr. Pan gives applause to Zheng Yingyao, President of Sun Yat-sen University, for his devotion in pushing the campus to the fifth place of model university, his establishment of the Southeast Asian Research Center which madeNSYSU an important think tank for the New Southbound Policy. Continuing President Wu of National Ilan University built Yilan into a base for young ones to realize their dreams, while President Zhan of Tainan University of the Arts deepens and broadens the combination of the school with cultural-creative industry. All of their contributions are concrete and admirable.
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