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[2020-10-23] Patent blessing! Active protein microspheres to activate stem cells is not a dream
Is it possible to activate stem cells? With the blessing of technology and patents, it is no longer a dream to make people younger and healthier.

“According to the research, activating CD34 hematopoietic stem cells can restore the body's functions. With the patented technology of microspheres, CD34 active protein can be absorbed and utilized by the body through gastric acid.” Said Prof. Jia-Jing Lin (林佳靜教授) from NIU.

After 20 years of research and development, Prfo. Lin uses high-tech bioengineering technology to purify 1 gram of active protein from 100 liters of yeast liquid. It has been widely promoted in medical beauty centers, anti-aging medical centers and other hospital departments.

Stem cell therapy is very expensive, and the infusion of autologous stem cells will also be risky due to the process of in vitro culture, which will affect the characteristics of stem cells. Prof. Lin pointed out that the patented technology of CD34 active protein microcrystalline balls uses the fluorescent protein, developed by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Martin in 2008, as tracking markers for animal research. It took more than ten years to develop food-grade microcrystalline balls, which can safely coat stem cell growth factor, and be absorbed into small intestine mucosa central lacteal. After being transported through the lymphatic system, it reaches the marrow to stimulate stem cells to regenerate and release another one.
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