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[2020-10-28] Learning Etiquettes — Get the Level 1 Certificate of the International Etiquette
The Office of International Affairs of the National Ilan University held a project lecture, “Follow the Bureau Chief to Learn Etiquettes — Get the Level 1 Certification of the International Etiquette” on September 21st, 2020. The authorities invited Ambassador Yu-Feng Zhu, the former etiquette bureau chief of MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), to be the keynote lecturer for the speech. Additionally, Prfo. Po-ching Wu, the president of NIU, was also invited to make remarks and take part in the 6-hour etiquette lesson and certificate examination.

Ambassador Zhu is the first feminine director from the protocol department of the ministry of foreign affair in our nation. She is the former director of Kansas office, the primary resident ambassador of Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the deputy director in Department of Foreign Affair and the representative of representative office in Greece, she devotes herself to the education works of international etiquette after her retirement. Before the activity begins, she shared the practical experience and the amusing incidents from her international etiquette lectures in other organization and units with her 34-year experience of diplomacy. By telling story, she brought out the importance of international etiquette and anticipated the international etiquette would be able to integrate in social and education, and become a part of life for fellow countrymen.

At the beginning of the lecture, the Ambassador Zhu explained the origins of international etiquette. There was not only theory in the international etiquette but also pieces of diplomatic experience and intercultural shock. The courses included various aspects, such as cuisines, dressings, transportation, education, entertainment, and some fantastic working life abroad which made teaching contents closer and closer to students’ daily life and career.

“Cuisine” does not only include eating, drinking, religious taboos, dining taboos, and many more to mention, but also the invitation, different seat amounts of Chinese and Western, table arrangements, and costume rules, etc. Besides, this lesson reminded students to be aware of the different table manners between Chinese and foreigners, the formal tableware setting of western and dinning etiquette. During the speech, ambassador Zhu invited students to practise formal etiquette operations in spot in order to enhance their memory. Also, Ambassador Zhu hoped these series of courses could help students be popular guests in the future.

In international etiquettes, dressing does not only represent one’s manner and education, but also a country’s culture, traditions and economy. During diplomatic situation, a suitable dressing style represent oneself, and also one’s country. For dressing, we should “avoid taboo before entering houses”, “avoid prohibition before entering a country” and “learn tradition before traveling to a country”. In transportation, we should guide the VIPs or managers in different position according to their genders. Besides, we should face the elevator’s entrance and avoid facing other people after entering it; nonetheless, the knowledge of one’s position staying in a car can be complicated according to one’s status/ identity. In order to convert the difficult etiquettes into nous that can be simply applied in daily life, Ambassador Zhu made the students learn in groups and practice for different situation.

When the lecture ended, every student seriously reviewed and actively asked questions. The learning attitude and quality of NIU lecturers and students make good impression on Ambassador Zhu, who has vast experience in giving speech. She expected Level 2 program would be continuously held. In the nutshell, Ambassador Zhu shared the basis of learning international etiquette, that is concentrating and focusing on the details of propriety is not the exception. Politeness is the foundation of interpersonal relationship. Etiquette is all about mutually respectfulness to each other. These endless simple rules will actually make our life better.

This is the first time for National Ilan University to organize this type of forum, we hope that both the professors and students could get in touch with different field’s ability beside of their profession, realize their study plan and broaden their international view.
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