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[2020-10-30] "U-start Yuan Yang Project" Stands Out
In "U-start Yuan Yang Project" second stage finals, with the leading of Manager Hui Tian Lin of Yilan University Innovation Incubation Center (first from right in the front row) and director Yi Ling Chen (first from right in the back row), the aboriginal class of the School of Bioresources accompanied the team to gradually grow.

Today (2020/10/30), the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education announced the 109 annual "U-start Yuan Yang Project" outstanding team winners. The aboriginal class team led by Director Yi Ling Chen of the School of Bioresources of Yilan University-"Feng Qi Yuan Yong Co., Ltd. They were announced as the most excellent team in the selection of second stage and won $850,000 NT dollars.

The "U-start Yuan Yang Project" is jointly implemented by the Youth Development Agency of the Ministry of Education and the Indigenous Peoples Committee. The plan aims to cultivate talents in the indigenous human resource, encourage youth to innovate and start businesses, and establish high-quality entrepreneurial fields and provide friendly employment opportunities, combine campus upbringing and regional counselling resources, guide indigenous youths to use traditional wisdom, characteristic farming, tribal ecology and other native advantages, strengthen their entrepreneurial training and new creative energy, and carry forward the local indigenous culture value.

Yilan University Innovation and Incubation Centre, in recent years, has actively coached the winning teams to establish entrepreneurial social network, provided entrepreneurial knowledge courses, financial legal consultation, plan research proposals and other assistance to create profitable entrepreneurial opportunities for new entrepreneurial teams. "Feng-Gi Yuan Yong Co., Ltd." is composed of indigenous students. They applied for the "109th U-start Yuan-Yang Project" under the guidance of the innovation incubation centre. Not only did they pass the first stage and received 350,000 funds, but they are also outstanding teams at the second stage. The students of the team said that they will continue to apply in the future what they have learned, extend the beekeeping skills of Yilan University to tribal communities to give back to their hometowns, strengthen the development of the forest economy, and develop high valued wild bee products.
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