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[2020-10-30] New novel of Chun-Ming Huang Released, Audience Packed out the Press Conference
On the evening of October 24, 2020, there was a literary feast in Kishu-An Forest of Literature. The UNITAS Publishing Co. held a sharing session for the new book "Xiu-Qin,This Laughing Girl" for the national literary master Chun-Ming Huang. Editor Zhao-Fei Zhou specially invited the young-generation art enthusiast Shun-Cong Zheng to host the talk.

This activity attracted many literary friends, scholars and readers including Yilan University President Bo-Qing Wu and his wife, writers Wen-Yi Lin, Yang Du, as well as Professor Rui-Teng Lee, "Wenhsun" editor-in-chief De-Ping Feng, "Nine Bends and Eighteen Turns" "Editor-in-chief Mao-Song Wu, Huang Dayu Culture and Art Foundation director Jian-Xing Huang and his wife, etc., The venue was packed with enthusiastic responses; Chun-Ming Huang signed the book for readers after the end of session.

In Chun-Ming Huang's writings, Xiu-Qin, a beautiful girl with evil fate, has a life of sorrows and joys intertwined with a bitter smile due to the various encounters in life, but beauty has no fate. The lines still show compassion for the bottom of society. In addition, he also To express his views on language, and the creative and interesting stories in the advertising industry in the past, the original translation of "愛迪達" (adidas) originated from his thoughts.

For now Chun-Ming Huang is at an elder age of eighty-six fostering his new novels. Hehumbly says that the “old house” has been "clearing out." But for readers, Chun-Ming Huang, who is good at telling stories and loves to tell stories, has no problem of being old. Rather, as his best friend Cang-Sheng Lin said: "People, despite the season they are in, will always be longing for "Chun-Ming (glow of spring)". As the old saying goes, "Even the dead wood seems to grow in spring," and old Chun-Ming is still able to "germinate" novels one after another for readers.

Sincere congratulations to the new novel "Xiu-Qin, This Smiling Girl" by Chair Professor Chun-Ming Huang of Yilan University!
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