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[2020-11-04] “ ‘Literature lies within All’, now let it grow tall” Lis-Lit 15 (悅聽文學15) Performance in NIU
A good piece of literature can not only be appreciated by reading, but also auditorily. This year marks the 15th years of “Listening to Literature” (Lis-Lit) Literary Campaign. Founder of “Nine Bends and Eighteen Turns” Publishing, Mr. Chun-Ming Huang invited his fellow literati, Jui-teng Lee, Du-Ye, Chi-Cheng Luo, Hong-ji Liao, Chia-Wen Chu and Istar, to jointly present the event, uplifting a precious bond of literature and the Lanyang plain.

The show was held in a performance hall in NIU, with the presence of President of NIU, Bo-Qing Wu, Section Chief from MOC, Yu-Lin Chen (phonetically translated), president of NDHU, Josh Chao, Principal of Lan-Yang Girl’s Senior High School, Bi-Guang Tseng (phonetically translated), General Manager of Unitas Publishing, Wen-Ji Lee (phonetically translated), General Editor Shao-fei Chou (phonetically translated), Executive of ICBC Foundation, Xiu-ling Tsai (phonetically translated), Executive of Fisfisa Media, Wen-chi Lin (phonetically translated), Consultant of Executive Yuan, Jie-long Chang (phonetically translated), and more.

The event holder, Prof. Jui-teng Lee quoted “The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons”: “Literature lies within All” as the title of the show. Based on the title, The guests shared the fruits of thoughts from their daily lives, the imagination and the way by which they eventually mold into their penwork. The audience were flooded by inspiration and moved by the talks. President Wu stated so: NIU is originated from an institute of agriculture and engineering, yet the liberal arts and general knowledge education have also been one of the university’s focus; and today that he sees students packed out the event, listening to the show and also giving out performances, not to mention the part which the Gui-Shan Award-winning Piece, “Meeting the Flora and Fauna in NIU” is read out loud under the accompaniment of violin and pi-pa, really touches him as a science-based scholar.
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