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[2020-11-04] NIU Teams up with CTCN to Create Business Opportunities for Students
In the trend of fewer children, how the school creates its own characteristics has also become the key issue. National Ilan University has cooperated with Ministry of Education , using the USR program of the Ministry of Education, combining the energy of industry, government, and academia to find out the local characteristics and joining in. Learning courses not only allows students to have more resources, but also to develop products and create business opportunities for localities.

It’s rare to be able to observe closely how the bee colonies make honey. The students are attentive, even the tribe children in the mountains are quite curious. A student from Ilan University’s aboriginal class said: "I see a lot of pairs in the tribe, but raise them in the tribe. There are very few people, and in this part they can be brought to tribe development.”

Not only watching bees picking honey, but also hoping to bring back the first pot of gold, Ilan University has cooperated with the neighboring farming school to introduce undergrowth beekeeping to the campus, and combined with the heads of various departments to extend to food processing. Chen Kaili, Vice President of Ilan University, said: Educate them with appropriate talents, bring them to a suitable domain, and enable them to develop further in the future."

Through Ministry of Education’s USR Project, two schools invited senior students to participate the project to brainstorm and to come up with more great ideas together; for example, the Sansing Green Onion root, is of no use in cooking, is made into whitening facial masks, which is figured out by Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management. All of these mean to bring a plenty of related ideas that could bring the country and the local schools some more commercial connection and business opportunities.
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