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[2020-11-05] NIU Library Volunteer Service
National Ilan University alumnus Jian-Kai Chen led the members of "Service Agency" of Yilan Type B Combined Maintenance Depot The 3rd Regional Support Command, CLC, and came to the Library and Information Center of his alma mater to provide volunteer services during the club activities in September and October.

Jian-Kai Chen graduated from National Ilan University with a master's degree in business management. He completed his studies in August this year. When he went to the Library and Information Center to go through the school leaving procedures, he asked whether the library requires volunteer services. They learned that the library require some volunteer to count all the books and this has been the first time since the library was open.

Jian-Kai Chen said that the Ministry of National Defense arranges the activities of military clubs every Wednesday afternoon. Based on the original intention “Taking Things from the Society and Using Them for the Society”, the " Yilan Type B Combined Maintenance Depot The 3rd (Northern) Regional Support Command, CLC Service agency" was established to lead members in the same goal. During club activities, volunteer services, clean beaches, donate blood, or go to nursing homes to clean up the environment and make efforts back on improving the society with all their heart.

De-Fen Lin, who is a private, said that during the service of the Love Service Agency, he participated in beach cleaning, blood donation, nursing homes, libraries, and other service activities, and each had a different experience. The beach cleaning activity will clear out a large bag of garbage, which is particularly fulfilling. Under the blow of the sea breeze, the body and mind can also be calm. Nursing home services are more interactive and can accompany the elders to chat. Time goes by very quickly. Participating in library services this time, I learned how the library works, and learned the tips of organizing and arranging books. It was a very special experience.

Jian-Kai Chen and the members of Yilan Type B Combined Maintenance Depot The 3rd Regional Support Command, CLC Service Agency grasped every opportunity to serve at National Ilan University. In a few hours, they worked hard to complete the tasks assigned by the personnel of Library and Information Center. In some cases, they even rushed to the library after completing the tasks in the military. They treat the services as military affairs. This enthusiasm is admirable. National Ilan University stated that in this special cooperation process, it is delighted to see the enthusiasm of alumni to live their lives with service as their purpose and welcomes others to join the social volunteers.
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