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[2020-11-13] NIU sowing the seeds of USR Hub
This year, National Ilan University applied for 5 projects of USR Hub and all of them were approved by the ministry of education. For the teams of USR Hub to grow bigger, National Ilan University organized an Evaluation Day today (November 13th, 2020).

During the event, Kai- Li Chen (Vice President of National Ilan University), Guo-Feng Hua (Dean of R&D) and associate Professor Chen-Xuan Zheng and Pofessor Zhu You (the co-principal investigator of USR Hub) were invited. Also, assistant professor Zhang Qiong Wen (the co-principal investigator of USR Hub from National Dong Hwa University) was specially invited to be in part of the evaluation committee. It was hoped that every piece of experience in various USR Hub plan could be agglomerated and beneficially diffused.

The topic of this Evaluation Day was coherence with the issues like special-featured agriculture, elderly care and industries activation in White Book of Yilan county. Every team shared their experience of how they planned to deeply investigate their target place, notice the urges and solve the problem in order to be accepted locally, soon they achieved the dual core goal, those are human resource nurturing and link-in locally.

Professor Jia-Qi Wu, the professor leading the team from the “Fresh is Fresh, To Foster Fresh Farmer” plan, combined the project and the lesson mutually. With the major combination, the team made National Ilan University be the land for fostering farmers. Also, this team intertwined sustainable productions, value-added applications, service selling and others to foster the national agriculture workforce for the future and to resolve problems like the aging farm workforce and the fault of management to build a new basic stone.
The proportion of aged population in Ilan is the highest throughout the whole country, and the elders’ clothing, food, living, transportation, education, entertainment, and the way to protect their physical and mental health are all important issues. Cui-Yao Chen, the associate professor leading the team from the “To Welcome Happiness and To Stay in A Steady Age Life—For Fostering Talented People in A Healthy and Living Happily Way”, made use of the professional knowledge of foodstuff science to design various fun teaching materials and to teach community elders the correct concept of food consuming and the sport knowledge. All those efforts are to raise the happiness feeling of the community.

There are abundant forest resources in Ilan but people are usually in a lack of knowledge about using these resources. “I-Wood, I Would, Start from Ilan”, a team led by the associate professor Luo Sheng Feng, used a combined method of education and entertainment to teach children in Ilan to get closed to the woods and know more about the advantages brought by forest. The team also linked the local industries and communities with the ecology, life, and production for enhancing the added value of domestic production in order to reach the purpose of community care and sustainable development. On the day of this activity, a xylophones play was arranged and it was good to mentioned that all the xylophones were made in the workshop.

Hua-Wei Chen, the associate professor leading the team “the creative economical eco-friendly project for recycling blast bump into cold spring between Yilan and Su Ao town”, goes to intake water and research the quality of water in cold spring located in Su Ao town every month. He also integrates lessons to guide students to be actively getting involved in the investigation of lifestyle of local community’s senior and general residents. The plan is straight for the demands of local residents and it exploits the recipe of characteristic beauty cares, designs the featured industry of Su Ao town’s cold spring and brings along substantial contribution to regional development.

The Yilan and Hualien regions do not only cultivate original tradition featured agricultural crops, they also devote themselves to promoting organic and leisure agriculture. Professor Lai Yu Shun led his team “The tutor, promotion and improvement of agriculture technique in Yilan and Hualien regions”, devoted themselves to combining “Manufacturing”, “Lifestyle” and “Ecology” into “Three Life in one” permanent sustainable business model in agriculture in Yilan and Hualien. By the solid and deep agricultural capability in National Ilan University, it consequently developed into a safe and happiness agriculture with strong international competitiveness and sustainable development.

The core value of college social responsibility is leading university to become a proactive attendee and dedicator in regional sustainable development. In the lead of teachers from each team in National Ilan University and through the connection of profession and locally demand, it fulfils students to practise their knowledge in regional fields and cultivate the ability of problem solving. National Ilan University anticipates to sustain sprout project on the Lan Yang land with abundant cultural and ecological resources. It also cultivates excellent talents for territories and industries, creates superior quality of life in Yilan and internationalizes it.
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